Live Music In Bournemouth

Live Music In an Acoustic Style

Live Music Venues in Bournemouth

There are some great concert venues and nightlife around the Bournemouth area which are interesting places to hear live music, One of the biggest venues in the area close to Bournemouth Beach is the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) which boasts four halls ideal for various concerts, conferences and exhibitions, making it the largest venue in the southern region, such as a concert series with music from the cultural heartbeat of the South West, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The BIC is ideally situated for live bands and is close to the beach and pier, gardens and town centre and offers different musical genres.

Other more interesting live venues, promoting local artists through live music events can include Nightclubs and pubs, are great places to see bands live with a dance-floor, some promoting local music bands and singers with some great harmonies and tend to be smaller than the BIC in their nature. The Madding Crowd is located in the centre of Bournemouth, fantastic for live entertainment and claims the ability to host a 200 person capacity for a live music venue. Other live music venues such as The Piccadilly Ballroom offers another type of musical evening for music lovers, all offer a different range in their capacity but are equally important for exposure of musicians playing the local music scene looking to keep you entertained, whether this is bar music from a standard playlist, or duos there to help you appreciate and enjoy live entertainment.

Smaller Music Venues

The Grove Tavern on Southbourne High Street, Music Bars such as Sixty Million Postcards in the town centre, The Wight Bear micropub troubadour sessions (They recently had DJ Brandon Block) and many other smaller venues in Bournemouth all have their part to play on the live music scene, encouraging local bands based in Bournemouth. Below you will find some of the venues that the Pudenski Brothers play in the next 30 days when are performing their 80s acoustic music events when performing in the Bournemouth area.

The Pudenski Brothers

Martin is acoustic guitar and Craig the drummer on the Cajon, both locals and trying to keep music live. If you want to get out and see a live band playing the band are often out and about with their electric acoustic guitar and cajon playing the best 80s songs in an acoustic style. You can get to hear some of your favourite 80s music to relive your memories as they play their energetic but eclectix mix of oldies acoustic disco, classic rock music, rock n roll Party music in Bournemouth.

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